What makes a great game developer.

At Cannonball, we leverage our background in game development to create new types of user experiences for other domains.  More people are playing games than ever before – particularly on mobile – and as a result we’re seeing more games technology and mechanics being applied in mainstream apps.

This is a talk I did for the Xero Summer of Tech seminar series in 2010, while still working at Sidhe/PikPok.  The first half is a state-of-the-industry overview, the second half is more tech-focused and is aimed at programmers who wish to get into the industry.

EDIT : Having rewatched this video, I noted how much has changed since 2010 when I gave this talk:

  • OnLive is now all but defunct.
  • I stated that C++ is still the preferred language of most game developers.  Given the explosion of mobile and Unity3D, I’m not sure that this statement applies to ‘most’ game developers anymore.
  • 3D Gaming has not turned out to be the next-big thing. At all.

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