NZ to teach programming in schools

I’m pleased that computer programming is becoming part of the NZ school curriculum.

But lets not forget that the tech industry is a multi-diciplinary one made up of designers, testers, UX specialists, marketers, business folk – not just programmers.

I hope the proposed curriculum is much wider than just ‘teaching programming’. Programming isn’t for everyone, and if kids are (wrongly) led to assume that if they can’t code they can’t be in the tech industry, then that will be a major loss for a generation of kids, and our country.


  1. Don’t labour the fundamentals. Let them discover, don’t make them learn sorting algorithms. Lets not make Python the new Shakespeare.
  2. Focus on creativity. Allow kids to decide what they want to create, them empower them to do it.
  3. Focus on collaboration. Demonstrate how utilizing different talents in a team can allow us to create something amazing.

Ultimately, kids will teach themselves, but we set the paramters. Lets get this right.

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