Lets Go!!

Cannonball is moving to Queenstown, New Zealand!

This has been a plan in the making for around two years now, so we’re very excited about the move.  Myself, I’m looking forward to returning to my old stomping grounds and giving my kids the same lifestyle that I was so fortunate to enjoy growing up.

When I settled on my chosen career, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would likely never return to this wonderful corner of the world.  And yet, here we are, 15 years on and lucky enough to work in an industry that allows you to work from pretty much anywhere.

I’ve been glad to have met some more developers, much like us, currently basing themselves in the Queenstown/Wanaka area.  I really hadn’t expected there to be much going on in the area development-wise, but was stoked to find that there is a little scene cooking all on its own.




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