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Cannonball is off to the Emmys!

This project really is the gift that keeps on giving.

We woke up on Wednesday morning last week to the amazing news that the America’s Cup app has been nominated for an Emmy award!   Under the category ‘Outstanding New Approaches – Sports Event Coverage’.

If that wasn’t enough of a buzz, I found out that I’ll be attending the ceremony in New York on May 6th.  A HUGE thanks to Ian Taylor and John Rendall of Animation Research Ltd. for generously offering one of the limited invitation spots to me so that Cannonball can be represented at the awards.

Here is the excellent entry video created and submitted by ARL, which earned us the nomination. Enjoy!

America’s Cup mobile : Video

Here’s the preview video for the America’s Cup mobile apps.  Cannonball worked with  Animation Research Ltd. to produce the iPhone/iPad versions.  Enjoy.

What makes a great game developer.

At Cannonball, we leverage our background in game development to create new types of user experiences for other domains.  More people are playing games than ever before – particularly on mobile – and as a result we’re seeing more games technology and mechanics being applied in mainstream apps.

This is a talk I did for the Xero Summer of Tech seminar series in 2010, while still working at Sidhe/PikPok.  The first half is a state-of-the-industry overview, the second half is more tech-focused and is aimed at programmers who wish to get into the industry.

EDIT : Having rewatched this video, I noted how much has changed since 2010 when I gave this talk:

  • OnLive is now all but defunct.
  • I stated that C++ is still the preferred language of most game developers.  Given the explosion of mobile and Unity3D, I’m not sure that this statement applies to ‘most’ game developers anymore.
  • 3D Gaming has not turned out to be the next-big thing. At all.