America’s Cup App – TV3 story

Brooke Gardiner of TV3 spoke to us as part of a story on the America’s Cup App.

That’s me on the pier on Kelvin Peninsula in Queenstown.  Very lucky to have such a good view from my office.  Fishing isn’t bad either.

Big thanks to all involved, and especially to Ian Taylor and John Rendall of Animation Research Ltd.  This is a great example of a New Zealand company that chooses to work with local talent and can encourage true growth of our local tech sector, by giving smaller developers access to opportunities and networks that we would never be able to get ourselves.

Animation Research Ltd (ARL) contracted in other devs as well as ourselves that didn’t get explicitly mentioned in the story, but deserve a shout-out here:

– Nathan Martin, Moving Pixel, Dunedin.  (Design)

– James Sugrue, SoftwareEx, Timaru (Android port)

– George Sealy, Greengage, Dunedin (3D viewer in Live data mode)

ARL also developed and published the official Emirates Team NZ app.  For whom we also need to thank:

– Michael Tandecki, Six Foot Three Foot, Wellington


Kiwi-made America’s Cup app impresses Apple



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